Beware of the Golden Wish

Sitting behind a white screen embellished with blue borders, I begin to drift once again into a headspace most would deem unhealthy or better yet, unnecessary. “Why waste any brain power thinking about philosophical things when in the grand scheme of life, they may just turn out to be as trivial as the new Smart 4K TV some of us so desperately craved for Christmas,” I catchmyself asking often. Unfortunately, convincing myself to ignore these thoughts isn’t as easy as asking Alexa to play my favorite movie score. So, to quell my thoughts, here I am writing, hoping you get to read this and maybe relate to the topic at hand. Alright, ready? Here’s a question I have for you.

Why do we wish for certain things in life, knowing fully well those wishes are more likely to be offered as a golden double-sided coin? A golden coin which offers you your most desirable need but in return demands a hefty price. Yet, despite all the warning signs, the nagging heart palpitations and the voice in our heads pleading us to re-think, we load the chamber and pull on the hair-trigger anyway.

Why are we often so short-sighted that we are constantly itching to jeopardize our future for a golden wish to gain an artificially temporary glorious present?

Isn’t it time for us to look inward and truly analyze ourselves for who we are and kindly refuse the golden wish?

Beware of the golden wish, for it brings temporary joy but robs you of your future!

2 thoughts on “Beware of the Golden Wish

  1. I enjoyed reading this article. The Golden wish is a good description of a desire one has with no knowledge on the cost of achieving that desire. People think they want to live like celebrities, professional athletes, etc. and all problems would go away such as hunger, poverty, etc. But they must know two sides of the coin to understand what their true desires are and by understanding the other side of the equation, they can make wiser decisions in life. Maybe the 4k TV they desperately desired isn’t as desirable as it seemed to be. Thank you for the insightful article.


    1. Well said John. It all lies with developing the acumen to analyze and determine how beneficial and harmful those desires are to our well being short and long term. Until we develop such a mental skill, we will continue to fall victim to those desires which may bring short or long term lasting effects.


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