A reminder worth more than gold

What kind of a reminder are we talking about? A reminder that at any given moment, the rug can be pulled from underneath you. A reminder that nothing in life is stagnant. Blessings and opportunities come and go like the seasons, and it’s your job to remind yourself of such.

Where am I going with this, you ask? I recently went to see Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant. It’s a movie about an American Sergeant serving during the Afghan war against the Taliban. His team specialized in locating and destroying IED (explosive devices) factories. Riding along with the team is an Afghan interpreter working for the biggest meal ticket of his life – an American Visa for his family. During a mission, things go completely awry, and the entire team gets wiped out by the Taliban except for the Sergeant and the Afghan interpreter. What ensued were well-directed series of scenes filled with emotions. As I watched these two try to survive and escape the hellish grip of the Taliban through the unforgiving and desolate mountains of Afghanistan, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking how bless and lucky I am. As much good exists in this world, there is much more evil lurking in every corner. Evil that many of us will never have to experience because we have been shrouded from such evils and have been blessed with a life of luxury. On the other hand, there are millions who aren’t so fortunate. Taking the Afghan interpreter as an example who sacrificed it all to save this American Sergeant during their journey through the desolate mountains of Afghanistan depicted the desperation of so many wishing and hoping to be in the position that we westerners are. The position that so many of us spit on a daily basis due to greed, jealousy, and envy.

Not to further spoil the film, I’d like to end by saying once again to remind yourself that nothing in life is constant. Learn to practice gratefulness and thankfulness. Be motivated but be grateful. Be ruthless in your pursuit of self-improvement for the betterment of yourself and loved ones but also be thankful. And if you find it to be a daunting task, picture yourself in the shoes of those living in war torn countries, or those living in areas where water and food are inaccessible, or where diseases run rampant, and medicine is nowhere to be found. Only then will you be able to arm your mind with a reminder worth more than gold.

Oh and one more thing, do yourself a favor, go out and experience this film –

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